For individuals

For individuals

Define where you stand in terms of English communication
and find your individual way to thrive in global arena.


You have been studying English all your life and now it’s time to apply it at work. Are any of these questions come to your mind?

Do you feel confident to speak up?

Are you sure that your level of English is enough?

Do you think you make mistakes but there’s no one to correct you?

Are you sure you can pass an interview in English?

Are afraid to ask for promotion because of your language skills?

Would you like to start cooperation with foreign partners but you’re afraid they won’t understand you?

Do you have troubles to understand your colleagues but you don’t understand the reasons for that?

Take an assessment to get answers to your questions. You can find out:

Coaching sessions

You studied diligently. You achieved a decent level of English but see the need for improvement. General course just doesn’t work for you anymore, you are looking for something personal that would correspond to your specific needs and time constraints. Make it all about you, your topic, your style of learning, your way to reach goals.

By choosing 10, 20 or 30 hour packages you can: